Buddha Council

Buddha Council is the current culmination in musical enlightenment presented by Travis Mansell, John Wilkens, Rhett Walton, Pat Spalding, and Aaron Kuklica. Travis, John, and Aaron previously meditated together in the premier S.E. Virginia reggae/indie band, Bimini Rd. John continues to enlighten others performing with S.E. VA’s rootz maestros, Session Rockers. Pat Spalding has been a mainstay of the S.E. VA reggae/jam scene for almost a decade and currently plays with both Woodwork and The Get Down . Rhett Walton rounds the Council out with his extensive beat knowledge of both historic revolutionary reggae rhythms and modern take on emerging styles as heard in his other acclaimed project, Hubble Bash. Buddha Council seeks positive vibes for both themselves and their audience through cathartic sounds and thought provoking lyrics. Their songs meet diverse listeners on their own listening plane while maintaining a reggae backbeat as the totem to balance out the experience. Their debut album, set to release in May 2014, recorded and mixed by “Jocko” Randall of More Sound Studios in Syracuse, NY is sure to please old and new fans both live and in their speakers.